We are transparent about how we handle your data. On this page you can read what we store your data for and for how long. If you have any questions regarding the processing of your data, please find the contact details of our Data Protection Officer here.

Verhoek Europe Privacy Agreement

The HR department of Verhoek Europe, located at Nijverheidstraat 20, 8281 JE Genemuiden in the Netherlands, is responsible for processing personal details as reflected in this privacy agreement. This privacy agreement applies to all the entities of Verhoek Europe.

The HR department has been appointed as the Data Protection Officer for Verhoek Europe. Its contact details can be found at the end of this privacy agreement.

Personal details that we process for your application
Verhoek Europe processes your personal details when you make use of our services and/or because you provide us with these details yourself. This also includes details from (open) job applications.  If you apply for a job, you can give us permission to keep your details for a year from the date of your application. You have this option when you send in your application. If you do not choose an extended retention period, your details will be deleted within no more than four weeks after the application procedure has been completed. If your application leads to entering employment at Verhoek Europe, your details will be kept for the duration of your employment at Verhoek Europe. We process the following details during your application:   

  • First name, surname, and gender: because we want to address you politely.
  • Address details: we use the town or city you live in to determine if the distance between your home and work isn’t too great.  
  • Telephone number: so that we can speak to you personally.
  • Email address: so that we can keep you informed about progress in your application using automated and non-automated mails.
  • CV and motivation: so that we can go through your application efficiently and be better prepared to hold your first interview.
  • Other personal details that you actively offer by, for example making a profile on the site, in written correspondence and/or telephone contact with a Verhoek Europe employee.

Special personal details that we process during your application
Sensitive information such as someone’s race, religion, health, or details of people younger than 16 years old is called special personal details. These receive extra protection under the GDPR-law. Verhoek Europe processes / has insight in the following special personal details when you put in an application to us:

  • Details of people younger than 16 years old.
  • Date of birth: so that we can check if you are older than 16 years old and so are permitted to make independent decisions.
  • Gender: because we do not like to refer to you by the wrong title.
  • Race and/or origin: On your picture, we have insights in your race and/or origin. We would like to specify that a picture is not mandatory with your application and that Verhoek Europe does not discriminate based on race and/or origin of our applicants and employees.

Our website does not intend to collect details about website visitors younger than 16 years old, unless they have permission from their parents or guardians. We cannot, however, check if a visitor is older than 16 without asking for their date of birth. We advise parents to keep up to date with their children’s online activities, in order to prevent details about their children being collected without their parental consent. If you are convinced that we have collected personal details about a minor without that permission, please contact us at We will then delete that information.   

Extra details of yours that we process after your application
If there proves to be a good match after the interviews, then we will make you an offer with job conditions. If you accept this offer, we will then need some additional details from you:

  • National Insurance Number (NI-number): so that we can correctly register you with external authorities such as the tax office and the Peoples Pension fund.
  • Drivers pass, driver card and drivers licence number, where you are going to be working as a driver: so that we can correctly register you as a driver in our system. 
  • Bank account number (IBAN): so that we can pay your salary.

The aim and basis for processing personal details
Verhoek Europe processes your personal details with the following aims:

  • In order to process your application and be able to react to it.
  • To be able to process and pay your salary.
  • To be able to offer you the option of creating an account in our HR portal Verhoek InSite.
  • In order to meet legal requirements, such as details that we need for our tax statements or registrations at the pension fund.

Processing in systems
Verhoek Europe takes decisions based on automatic processes, which could have consequences for people. Verhoek Europe makes use of the following computer programmes of systems to process information about specific people:

  • AFAS Software: Salary processing for the Netherlands and personnel information systems for all Verhoek Europe entities.
  • TimeWize: Time registration system for warehouse, workshop, and office staff.
  • DataSec: Access registration for site and office buildings.
  • Additional processing if you work for us as a driver:
  • Fleethours: Time registration system for drivers.
  • Transics: Track and Trace for drivers’ routes.
  • HecPoll: Petrol station management for drivers.
  • Transport in Nood: Assistance for drivers in international conflicts.
  • Thar: Education portal for drivers’ training courses.

How long we keep your details
Verhoek Europe will keep your personal details for no longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the aims for which the details were collected. We apply the following retention period for the following (categories) of personal details:

  • Details from your application, such as your CV, motivation, and contact details: four weeks, unless you have given permission during your application to keep them for maximum of one year after issuing them.
  • Date of birth, address details and your bank account number: If you enter our employ, you agree to us keeping your details for the length of your employment at Verhoek Europe. We need these details to pay your salary. 
  • Driving licence, driver card and CPC-documentation: We keep these details during your employment at Verhoek Europe. We need these details to check if you meet (inter)national legislation on qualifications needed to work for us as a professional driver.
  • ID card and income tax declaration: for 7 years after you have left our company, in accordance with the HMRC guidelines.
  • Documentation in personnel file: for up to 2 years after leaving our company.

Cookies or similar techniques that we use
Verhoek Europe uses the following cookies on their website:

  • Social media buttons: at the bottom of our website, we make use of Social Media buttons to give you an impression of our company. The buttons for the different channels also contain a code for the individual social media channel and cookies are sent along with that. These cookies remember if you are logged into the relevant social media platform.
  • Application trackers: in order to follow your application process on the website, we make use of trackers that follow the process from filling in your details up to sending your application. After that the tracker stops working.  

Viewing, changing, or deleting details
You have the right to view, correct and/or delete your personal details. In addition, you have the right to withdraw any permission for processing details or object to Verhoek Europe processing your personal details and you have the right to transfer your details. This means that you can request that we send the personal details that we have on you to you in a computer file. You can request to view, correct, delete or transfer your personal details or request a withdrawal of your permission or object to the processing of your personal details by sending your request to

To be able to be certain that a request to view your details has been made by you, we ask you to send a copy of your identity card along with your request. In this copy, you can black out your photo, passport number and National Insurance Number (NI-number). This is to protect your privacy. We will react to your request as quickly as possible, but within two weeks at the latest.

How we secure personal details
Verhoek Europe takes protecting your details seriously and therefore takes appropriate measures to counter misuse, loss, unauthorised access, undesirable publication, or unauthorised changes. All of our details are stored in the personnel information system. Only HR department staff members and your direct manager have access to this system. In cases where documents or personal details are used on Verhoek Europe network drives (for example for HR analyses or key figures), these will only be stored on the secured HR drive, which can only be accessed by HR department staff members. If you have the idea that your details are not in fact well secured or if there are any indications of misuse, please contact the HR department of Verhoek Europe.    

Sharing personal details with other parties
Verhoek Europe will not sell your details to any third party and will only provide them to third parties if necessary for performing our agreement with you or in order to meet a legal requirement. Any companies that process your details at our behest, sign a processing agreement as part of their agreement with us. Verhoek Europe is always responsible for this processing.

Contact details
If you have any questions about how Verhoek Europe processes your personal details, please contact Verhoek Europe’s HR department at or via +3138 385 1111. You can also write to us. In this case, please address this to:

Verhoek Europe
HR Department
Nijverheidstraat 20
8281 JE Genemuiden
The Netherlands

Verhoek Europe would also like to inform you that you have the option to make a complaint to the national watchdog of the Netherlands, the Personal Details Authority. You can do that with the following link: or via post to:  

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens
Postbus 93374
2509 AJ Den Haag

Verhoek Europe reserves the right to change this privacy agreement. You can always find the most up to date version on the website

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