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Our driver training

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Do you dream of a job as a truck driver, but don’t have your C(E) driving licence yet? Our driving instructor Marco will help you!

It’s actually quite simple: you will take lessons with Marco and, if you want, you can already start working in our warehouse. Once you have passed your driving test for your C-licence, you can join us on the truck. Want to move on to the real big work? Continue your lessons for your CE driving license while you are already driving on our truck.

Do you stay with us for at least three years? Great! We will pay for your driving licence and at the of the journey you will have obtained your C(E) driving licence for free.

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Marit - International driver
The work and trips are very various, which is what makes working at Verhoek so much fun
Mari-José - Teamleader driver support
I value the good atmosphere within Verhoek. This motivates me to get to work every day.
Juray - HR Advisor
Verhoek is a flat organisation, everyone is accessible and easily approachable
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Do you want to expand your knowledge or are you ready for something completely new? We have plenty of options to help you. Who knows, you might soon be doing the training you have secretly been dreaming of for a long time and be able to put it into practice immediately within our organization. How cool is that? Contact our HR department soon and take your chance!