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Together excelling in transport & logistics of length goods

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About Verhoek Europe

70 years of experience in complex logistics

We deal with transport and warehousing of length goods on a daily basis. For example the transport and warehousing of carpet rolls, industrial doors or awnings. A complex and logistical operation that has made us happy every day for over 70 years. In 1953 with a horse and cart and today with over 900 colleagues spread over five countries, at 12 branches and with about 400 trucks. Together, we are committed to providing our customers with the best service every day.

Our mission

Our drive is simplifying complex logistics

Working with length goods requires specialized knowledge from the people who work with our (fragile) goods every day. We are unique in our work and respond to specific market demands. In this way ‘we make complex logistics simple’.

Our vacancies

Software Developer
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
HR Advisor Germany

The work and trips are very various, which is what makes working at Verhoek so much fun

Marit - International driver

I value the good atmosphere within Verhoek. This motivates me to get to work every day.

Mari-José - Teamleader driver support

Verhoek is a flat organisation, everyone is accessible and easily approachable

Juray - HR Advisor
Extra training or retraining?

We invest in talent!

In our opinion the development of our colleagues is important. Would you like to expand your knowledge or are you ready for something completely new? We are happy to help you!